Dust Filter Components

Turbo : The Company

Since 1998 Turbo Controls has established itself as one of the worlds leading Dust Filter Component Manufacturers and suppliers. Manufacturing out of four sites situated in Cesano Maderno, Milan, Italy. We pride ourselves in being one of the Market leaders, focusing on innovations and creating new products which benefit existing and potential new customers. We offer bespoke design solutions with state of the art technological techniques for manufacturing products to best quality standards around the world. Turbo SRL hold ISO 9001 and ISO 1400 certification and as such all manifolds and valves are manufactured to the latest EC, ASME, and PED standards.

In the founding years from 1998, Turbo SRL Italy created a close synergy between itself and the then Meridian Controls Ltd, known today as Turbo Controls UK. Meridian Controls was granted the full agency for the United Kingdom, and Ireland and successfully established itself as a strong competitor in these markets in the Dust Filter Industry.

The relationship between Turbo SRL and Meridian Controls developed into a well-established partnership and as such with the confidence and research in existing and new products provided by Turbo SRL, Meridian Controls moved away from other Valve manufacturers to provide the full range of Turbo S.R.L products.

In 2011, Turbo SRL invested in Meridian Controls Ltd which initiated its rebranded to Turbo Controls UK. This created a greater synergy between both companies with the aim to enhance customer focus on the Turbo brand and creating enhanced product supply for our UK, and Ireland customers.

Turbo Controls UK has historically sought out partnerships with leading Dust Extraction Component suppliers such as Filter, Cage and Cartridge manufacturers in order to provide a world-class umbrella service for our customers. We proudly provide bespoke solution for all requirements in this field providing an extensive range of selected quality products combined with a personal and prompt service and a top rate level of technical support.

Recently Turbo Controls UK was awarded a new line of environmental cleaning product by the Benvitec Environment manufactured out of Beringen, Belgium.

To date, with the support of our customers, Turbo Controls UK has grown steadily, enabling us to employ new members of staff with years of valued experience in our industry. Enabling Jason Williams to concentrate on customer satisfaction and product innovation with the Italian partners.

The Turbo brand continues to be a leading innovator in our industry with our dedicated R&D division creating customized solutions for our customers including expanding into wireless technology.

Our ethos remains constant, to continually strive to create long-lasting partnerships with all our customers, focusing on the true business traditional values of integrity, vision and listening to our customer’s and their requirements. Taking responsibility in providing high quality products at sustainable prices for all along the supply chain.

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