Mist Eliminators

BLUEFIL® Demisters

BLUEFIL® is the leading solution for preventing droplets and chemicals from reaching the external air. The concept can be tailored to your installation and requirements, reducing emissions and chemical processes. The BLUEFIL® demister is energy-efficient, benefiting the environment.

Turbo Controls Mist Eliminators

How does it work?

Industrial processes can generate droplets and aerosols. To minimize the environmental impact of these processes, it is important to collect as much of these droplets and aerosols as possible and remove them from the gas stream.

This in mind, BlueFil® is a solution that can be used for various industrial applications. This innovative technology prevents air pollution by filtering out droplets, chemicals and other harmful substances.

Depending on the substances involved, we can develop different versions of this technology using various materials to achieve optimal results.  Preparing your company for a sustainable future.

BlueFil® is the solution for:

  • Droplet Separation
  • Coalescing
  • Scrubber Packing
  • Liquid/Liquid Separation
  • Custom Grids and Frames
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