Remote Pilot Enclosures

The airtight pilot enclosures come with an IP66 rating and allows the remote control of diaphragm pulse valves in a reliable manor. It is available in 2 types, RCP for short distances (up to 3 meters) and LDM for long distances (up to 10 meters). Connection is made via with 6 or 8mm rislan tubing.

They can be supplied with Atex rating on request and supplied with self-regulating heaters for cold and humid climates to enclosure the 5°C inside the enclosure.

REP Anti-explosion Pilot Enclosures

Pilot enclosure for remote control of the pneumatic diaphragm valves for dust collector plants, intended for areas that are hazardous due to the atmosphere at risk of explosion. Casing in non-painted diet-cast aluminium, suitable as anti-explosion and for flames, available on request with anti-condensate heater. 

The heater self-adjusting thermistor, prevents the series of pilots from frezzing at low temperatures, thus allowing operation to -40°C.

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